Courtneys Pure Apple Juice

We carefully harvest, wash & mill our
delicious cider apples, we press the lovely juice out of them, the juice is bottled
& pasteurized by us. Pure & Simple!
(non alcoholic)
Courtneys Mulled Apple Juice

To make Courtneys Mulled Apple Juice we use our 'pure apple juice' & add a special mix of the best spices, which makes a delicious 'Winter Warmer' or chilled drink with a BBQ in the summer. Serve as an alternative to alchohol. (A non alcoholic drink, with body!)
Ma's Apple Chutney

Lovely, spicy, chunky chutney.
Great in a sandwich, with cheese
or cold meats. Cooked with love
in Ma's kitchen with delicious
cider apples from the orchard.
Ma's Apple Marmalade

Delicious spread on hot buttered toast.
Or make up your own ideas for a pudding.
Try; with ice cream or yogurt or in a
Bread & Butter Pudding. Is it 'Appley' or is it 'Orangey'? It's both!
Ma's Orange Marmalade
With Cider Brandy

A luxury Marmalade
made by Ma in the
old fashioned way with
unsprayed, bitter oranges
water, sugar and a glug of
Somerset Cider Brandy!
Ma's Cider Apple Sauce

Delicious apple sauce, with 'body'
Made with selected cider apples
from our orchard.
Apple & Blackberry Liqueur

Special 'limited edition'
Cider Apples & Blackberries,
from the orchard hedgerows,
infused in a liqueur/ sugar syrup base.
Made in small batches.
Autumn Fruits Liqueur

Special 'limited edition'
Blackberries from the orchard
hedgerows, blackcurrants from
the garden, cherries & blueberries.
infused in a liqueur/sugar syrup base.
Made in small batches
Pineapple Liqueur

Special 'limited edition'
Made with Fresh Pineapple
infused in a liqueur/ sugar syrup base.
Made in small batches.
Courtneys Cider Vinegar

Our Cider Apple Vinegar is produced
from our cider apples which are naturally fermented for at least 2 years, it is unpasteurised & with the 'Mother'.
Apple and Beetroot Juice

Our Apple and Beetroot juice is
produced from our cider apple juice
blended with 3% pure beetroot juice, which is freshly extracted. The Juice is bottled with love and lightly pasteurised.
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